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GLC will perform systematical assessment of construction, production process, protection measures(e.g. sprinkler system), external exposure, management program and regulations, power supply system to determine whether there is exsiting a potential for property damage accident. Based on the assessment, we will provide you with the economically feasible recommandations derived from our years of experience and the international best practice, which would make the risk acceptable.

Engineers of GLC has more than 10 years's experience in project risk consultancy sevice and property loss prevention engineering in chemicals, food processing, warehouse and logistic centers, phamaceuticals, telecoms&date centers, semi-conductor manufacturing and machinery industries, and also in other industries.

Offline Risk Consultancy

  • Project Risk Engineering Service for design review, construction follow-up and acceptance
  • Property Underwriting Survey, which enables a risk consultant to better conclude a property insurance policy
  • Providing support to companies in devising safety management standards
  • Business Continuity Management /Business Interruption
  • Property loss prevention training

Online Risk Control Platform